Give the Dog a Bone

Give the Dog a Hurley® Dog Bone; it is a guaranteed tough dog bone toy that contains all the fun of a ball, bone and stick in one. New Mini Hurley size available! All the same great features of our original Hurley dog bone toys in a size designed specifically for small breeds. Toss it, float it, chew it, love it! Since it was first introduced in 2004, Hurley has made believers out of many who had given up on finding and giving their dog a bone toy that can withstand tenacious chewing. Now they are giving the dog a bone; the Hurley is manufacturer guaranteed against dog damage and West Paw Design makes it easy to give this durable dog toy a try with a one-time replacement. Made from our extremely pliable, one-of-a-kind Zogoflex® material, Hurley's success led us to create an entire family of Zogoflex dog toys that to date includes five fun, interactive shapes. Hurley is 100% recyclable and is a buoyant, made in the USA, non-toxic and dishwasher safe toy. Available in mini, small and large sizes and three bright colors that make them easy to spot in water, snow and grass.
Made in Montana, USA.

Dog Bones
Give the Dog a Bone. The Hurley dog bone toy bounces, floats, and is even manufacturer guaranteed against Dog Damage!
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The zogoflex toys for some dogs (breeds) may be indestructible, we have found that the zogoflex toys for our dogs are not indestructible toys but are the most durable toy that we have found while still being safe for the dogs teeth and non-toxic. Save the proof of purchase in case you need to exchange any destroyed toys for a new ones. Zogoflex® does not contain any known sources of lead, cadmium, mercury, latex, natural rubber, phthalates, hormones, Bisphenol A, or asbestos.

Give the Dog a Bone Customer Reviews

My dogs LOVE it! And so do I!
By: Ashley - Kankakee, IL May 04, 2010
I purchased this at a local dog boutique because it had the guarantee on it. And let's be honest- I'm totally fed up with paying $15 for a dog toy because they say it's really durable only to have it destroyed within 20 minutes. We have had this toy for around 3 months now and there isn't even a tooth mark on it!! I have two pitts and they play with it almost every day and you would never know it by looking at it. It also washes easily which is a plus. I HIGHLY suggest giving this toy a try. I'd give this more stars if I could.

This toy is one of the few
By: Anonymous - Los Angeles Apr 22, 2010
This toy is one of the few that have lasted through two dogs chewing on it, one of which is a pit mix. And MADE IN THE USA. Refreshing!

Even a Doberman cannot destroy this!
By: - Sacrramento, CA Feb 19, 2011
I had been looking for a toy that my Dobermans could not destroy. I have tried everything and spent a small fortune doing it. They needed something soft to chew on without destroying it in 2 minutes. I saw this is the store and thought that I would give it a try. Well, I got home and gave it to one of my Dobermans and that was 2 years ago. She has only managed to take small pieces and I do mean small out of the ends. She loves this toy! If you have a big dog or a chewer, this is MUST HAVE TOY!!! I am planning on getting more.

Only Approved Toy in Daycare
By: - Blaine, MN Jan 31, 2011
This is the only toy brand approved in our Doggie Day Care! We have had several of the Bumi,Huck, and Hurley's that have lasted forever! With 40-60 dogs playing with them per day - I would say they are the most durable toy on the market! The dogs did manage to tear up the Zisc, but being thinner materials that was to be expected. We recommend this toy brand to everyone!

great alternative to real bones!
By: - minnesota Jan 09, 2011
One of my cocker spaniels is an avid chewer. She has fractured two teeth on real bones. I bought this as a safe alternative for her to chew on and not break anymore teeth. She loves it and I couldn't be happier!

By: - Minnesota Jan 06, 2011
My black lab's only undestroyed toy. He left it in the yard and it witheld a lawnmower too.

Best toy ever
By: - UK Jan 05, 2011
I was a bit wary of buying this toy due to the price and also as I have two Staffordshire Bull terriers toys don't ever seem to last more than 5 minutes. I needn't have worried!! This toy is fantastic!!! I was given to them on christmas day and has only 1 tiny dent from thier teeth and they play tug with it everyday. I have already recommeneded it to the breeder we got one of our dogs from!! I would highly recommend this toy to anyone who has a bull breed or heavy chewing yet i have found nothing that beats it. Thanks so much for making such a great toy.

By: Gabi and Armani - Germany Jul 28, 2010
I have an American Staffordshire who has broken and torn any toy I gave him. He has had his hurley for 3 years now - not a scratch and he loves and and chews on it all the time. I (we) can only recommend it!!!

The ONLY indestructible dog toy!
By: Rebecca - Durham, NC Aug 20, 2010
The Hurley saved us! I never write reviews, but wanted to review this because I want anyone who has an aggressive chewer and who was skeptical about these toys like I was to BUY THIS NOW! We have a golden retriever (now almost 2 yrs) who is a VERY aggressive chewer. He loves to carry toys in his mouth, but if he figures out that he can chew it up, that's it! He can chew up kongs (yes, even the black ones) and anything else out there labeled as "tough" or "indestructible". These zogoflex toys are AWESOME, and the ONLY thing that he has not been able to chew up within 5 minutes. I think the Hurley is the toughest, and I would recommend trying that first if you have a very aggressive chewer. Our dog loves the Tux the most, probably because eventually he has been able to chew off very small pieces (but that's after almost a year of serious chewing!), the huck is also great for outdoor play. We did not have luck with the zisc or bumi, those were chewed within minutes. I love this toy! We have 3 of them!

Hurley for our Hurley
By: Anonymous - NWT, Canada May 26, 2010
We have a year old lab (named Hurley coincidence has it). Last Christmas, friends of ours purchased this for him because of the name. It lasted nearly 5 months before he chewed it into two pieces. Quite a remarkable thing for him - an avid chewer! We love the bone and I will be looking at purchasing some of the other items that are listed similar to this one. Great toy West Paw Design!

Addictive fun!
By: Knight - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada May 14, 2010
Our 20-lb mixed-breed dog is gentle with all of his toys, so destructiveness wasn't an issue, but he's showed no interest in Kongs or any rubber toy. He's mildly interested in the flexible nylabones, but in general, until now, he's only enjoyed playing with soft stuffed toys. He LOVES the hurley! He'll try to pounce on it when we throw it for him, but the erratic bounce means that he quite often overshoots and has to whirl around to search for it- very funny to watch. It's also very flexible, which I think he appreciates.

It is durable!!
By: Meredith - VA May 11, 2010
I'm shocked! When they said it was durable they weren' kidding. My dog is an agressive chewer and destroys almost every toy he is given within a weeks time. But not Hurley. He's had it for almost 3 months and loves it. He plays fetch and pull with it. We just bought him a bumi so we will see how that toy is with him. But we love the fact that he hasn't destroyed the toy and he loves playing with it all the time. So much so he hasn't chewed his nylabones! Way to go! Great product!!!!

By: S. W. - Saint Paul MN Feb 10, 2010
I have a German Shepherd puppy only 9 months old and she has destoryed EVERY toy I have given her -- even Kongs. I saw this website and thought about buying her a Hurley but really didn't believe she wouldn't wreck this toy too. At the pet store near my house, they were selling Hurleys and I said why not. YEAH my sweet Bella has finally met her match. I now have several Hurleys in the house so when she starts to get mouthy I give her the Hurley. Thanks for making something so sturdy and safe!

Long Lasting Chew Toy
By: A. W. - Minnesota Feb 06, 2010
We've had the Hurley for over a year now and our Lab has yet to destroy it! She is a very powerful chewer and is constantly chewing on it. I love that it has held up this long, it's nice to have such a great toy to keep her busy. Hurley is a really great chew/fetch toy. We are also fans of the Huck.

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