Dog Frisbee

A floatable flyer (frisbee type) that goes the distance, Zisc® is a must-have dog toy for active dogs. More pliable than a hard-shell frisbee and faster than those made from fabric, Zisc is a perfect pick for trips to the park, yard or water. Flexible material makes this dog frisbee gentle on soft mouths and easy to pick up. In the world of frisbee-style dog toys, Zisc flies to the top. Made with durable and buoyant Zogoflex material, Zisc is guaranteed against dog damage. While the Zisc dog toy is not designed to be a chew toy, it is designed to withstand as much active play as dogs can dish out while playing frisbee. If a dog manages to damage this or any of our Zogoflex dog toys, the manufacturer offers a one-time free replacement. Beyond Zogoflex’s guarantee, many people are true fans of this family of durable toys because dogs love them. Zogoflex dog toys are bouncy, buoyant, made in the USA, 100% recyclable, non-toxic and even dishwasher safe. Zisc is available in two sizes, large and mini. The mini size is a perfect frisbee for small dog breeds and those dog people who prefer a compact, go-anywhere dog frisbee. Mini Zisc is not only smaller, but thinner and lighter too. Available in three bright colors for easy spotting in water, grass or snow. Large measures 8.5" in diameter; Mini measures 6.5" in diameter. Made in Montana, USA

Flying Disc Dog Toy
Zisc is available in two sizes and three colors : Tangerine (Orange); Granny Smith (Green); and Aqua (Blue)
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Shipping toys in the USA ONLY, execpt Alaska and Hawaii

The Zinc is designed as a flying disk (frisbee) fetch toy and not designed as a chew toy. If you let your pit bull chew on this toy (instead of playing fribee) its destruction is inevitable.
The zogoflex toys for some dogs (breeds) may be indestructible, we have found that the zogoflex toys for our dogs are not indestructible toys but are the most durable toy that we have found while still being safe for the dogs teeth and non-toxic. Save the proof of purchase in case you need to exchange any destroyed toys for a new ones. Zogoflex® does not contain any known sources of lead, cadmium, mercury, latex, natural rubber, phthalates, hormones, Bisphenol A, or asbestos.

Dog Frisbee Customer Reviews

Takes a licking and keeps on ticking (literally)
By: michael.j.hilton - Aldie, VA Feb 26, 2011
We've had this one for over a year. Our dog has shared it with Labs, Rotties and Pits. It has easily been thrown over a 1000 times and is holding up just fine. The zisc has also served as a chew and tug toy. It has bites marks obviously, but is 100% intact. If you have a dog that enjoys fetch, buy this toy. Great price for the quality, and the best part NOT MADE IN CHINA! Thanks West Paw!

Buy this product
By: - Pickering, Ontario Jan 24, 2011
We purchased a Zisc from Bone and Biscuit in Ajax, Ontario, after previously purchasing a Bumi pull toy there as well. Our mix breed shepherd hound puppy has tore through and destroyed more toys than I care to mention, however after hours of play with both the Zisc and the Bumi, they don't even have teeth scratches on them. She has been trying to chew the emblem off the centre of the frisbee (which is the thinnest part), but she has yet to damage the product at all! These are fantastic products and I highly recommend them to anyone with a dog. I will be a loyal purchaser of these products.

zisc is the best-lasting dog frisbee I've found
By: Heidi and Bailey the dog - Anchorage, Alaska Jul 22, 2010
My dog loves to fetch, but he's got this need to "kill" what he fetches, which means he shakes it, hard, from side to side. I was thinking we were in for $15 a month or more to keep him in frisbees until I found the Zisc--we've been on the same one for almost half a year! He ripped it right away, of course, but I figured out that I could cut out the thinner, rippable center of the frisbee and leave the thicker rim and that's what's working for us. It doesn't fly as well as it does when it has the center, but it flies pretty good and it still floats. When he carries it, it flips over his ears and gets stuck there, between his mouth and the back of his head, but he's learned how to paw it off when he gets back to me. I'm thinking that making a ring with a wider thick edge and less open area in the middle might be just the ticket for the super-destructible dogs like mine...

Lili's Favorite
By: Andi - Oklahoma Jul 01, 2010
I have a two-year-old yellow lab named Lili. This is above all her favorite toy! She takes it everywhere- even on walks! She gets so excited when we get out the Zisc that she isn't even distracted away from it with prime rib! The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is because when left outside the center becomes weak, allowing excited Lili to cause little bite marks which with time turn into rips. BUT I will say it does last longer than any other frisbee I have purchased for her. I will continue to purchase the Zisc regardless of flaws because of the abundant happiness and exercise it brings Lili. Thank you for making such wonderful environmentally friendly products. You have made me and Lili very loyal and satisfied customers.

This might be the last one
By: kj2skedoo - Long Island, NY Jun 29, 2010
I purchased our yellow lab's first Zisc at a retail store a few years back. The center of the toy was more substantial then. As time went on the center eventually split. I began purchasing the disc through your website hoping coming directly from you that the disc might be stronger. Maximus enjoyed this toy so much I just had to buy another....then another....then another. I even give them as gifts. I appreciate the "green" thinking behind the Zisc, but you really need to make the center stronger. I only use the disk for play time. It's not treated as a chew toy. Today I have purchased two more. I have to decided to return the split ones for recycling & to request my one time replacement Zisc. I'd like to add Max also own two hurleys(one's at Nana's house), a Bumi, & a Tux, all of which will be enjoyed for many, many years to come.

Just Had To Write About It
By: AD and Lobo the dog - Kamloops, BC, Canada May 30, 2010
My dog Lobo is a 130 pound German Shepherd who just loves frisbees. Regular frisbees would be trashed as he walked back to me after retrieving them the first time. I had better luck with disc golf discs, but he would still manage to ruin these after a week or so. He was never left with the toy. This always happened during retrieval. He aslo played with thos mini tires. They lasted longer but were hard to throw far. Plus, eventually, he did rip them appart. I bought this present disc and thought for sure I would be making use of the guarantee. He has been playing with it for many months now in all kinds of weather. After seeing how durable it is, I no longer take it away from him immediately after play and let him keep it in the back of my truck while driving to and from our play sessions. And I never dreamed that it would fly as good as it does. It flies very well and far. We are very happy with it. And happy with the salesperson who recommended it to us.

best frisbee in the world!
By: holycook1 - Philadelphia, PA Jan 02, 2010
When we adopted our Shepherd from the SPCA, her file said "Shotzie loves to go for rides, and loves to play ball and frisbee." We didn't know if she was the type of dog to chew up her toys so we bought the safest frisbee out there that even a 90 lb. Shepherd couldn't wreck and choke on. This frisbee was the best toy we have ever gotten for her. She absolutely loves

outlasts all other brands
By: Anonymous - palmer alaska Oct 31, 2009
This product is awesome. We have two pits who love to play together. No other frisebee like product can outlast they're pulling power but the Zisc is still going strong after 3 months of heavy use. No more Kongs for this family. Thank you. And our Rott loves her new bumper bed.

Zogoflex Zisc
By: DakotandBart - Clearwater, Florida Oct 04, 2009
Hello, my name is Bart and I am a 7 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I am a Frisbeeholic... and wanted to tell you how much I love my Zisc Frisbee. My owners got this for me to play with 8 months ago, and I love it! I play every day, and have years of experience playing frisbee. I remember my first frisbee as if it were yesterday. It only lasted a month or two, then it broke. My owners and I tried several different brands of frisbees over the years...some would only last a week. But from now on it's the Zisc for me! It's GREAT! No broken pieces have ever cut my gums or lips, and if I miss my catch it doesn't hurt as bad when I get bonked in the head. Also, I can bite into it pretty hard when I feel the urge to give it a big shaking. Thanks for making a great product that does not stink of rubber, have a bad taste that I would not like,(although I'll eat just about anything) and is soft enough to keep my teeth and head free of harm. My mommy says it's also recyclable, and that makes her happy too.
Thanks for the best frisbee I've had.
Now if you will excuse me, I'm gonna go play now.
Woof Woof,

The Best Toy!
By: Roger Lanteigne - Laval, Canada Sep 27, 2009
My Jack Russell terrier loves this toy and so do I!
It flies really far so my dog gets a lot of excercise running after it at full tilt. It also floats and the bright colors make it easy for my dog to retrieve in the water. Durability: the Zisc is by far the most durable disc-type toy I've tried; my hyperactive-chewer dog does manage to destroy the thinner center section of the Zisc in about 3 months but the thick outer rim still flies on its own! My only complaint: I can't get West Paw Design toys in the Montreal area so I must make twice-a-year trips into the USA to buy their products.

the ultimate multi-tasking frisbee
By: - - edmonton, alberta Sep 16, 2009
we love the zisc: living with destructo-dog, we have tested and failed many products claiming durability. destructo-dog has taken the life of upwards of twenty different styles and types of frisbees, all within a matter of seconds to days. the zisc has lived with us for TWO YEARS! with daily testing.
the zisc is a "supervision only" toy for destructo-dog, because she would certainly tear it to bits once breached given the chance. however it has withstood daily onslaughts of tug of war, fetching, and chewing from destructo-dog and her somewhat softer-mouthed aussie henchman. finally a tiny crack in the side has been taken advantage of and zisc will need to be replaced (with another zisc!)
we have tested many other frisbees and find the zisc is durable, withstands tugging and chewing, and above all, flies better than any other dog frisbee we've tried, all without being hard on destructo-dog or her henchman's teeth and gums.
all paws up! especially because zisc is recyclable and west paw cares about the environment and their customers.
(we also like the indestructible! huck and the tux (also called the molecule) and these are more durable because of their harder texture and round shape)

Those with "Aggressive Chewers " Take Heed!!
By: Kathy Davies - Aug 08, 2009
I started out by purchasing the zogoflex ball for my two jack russell's who are renowned for destroying all of the so-called "hardy" dog toys available in our local pet stores (kongs proved to be no match AT all).

My zogoflex ball does not have a mark on it to this day (seven months and counting), so I recently purchased the zogoflex frisbee (as my jacks love to retrieve, chase, jump etc).This has been THE BEST frisbee they have ever owned - and it doesn't have a single bite mark on it either (I've gone through at least a dozen flying squirrels and plastic frisbees - was getting to the point of purchasing Disc Golf frisbee's as they're super hard).
Thanks so much West Paw - you've made this pet parent and two jacks VERY happy!!

Very Hardy
By: Josh - Las Vegas, NV Aug 05, 2009
There is no such thing as an indestructible dog toy, but the Ziscs are extremely hardy and durable. Prior to discovering them, my cattle dogs (and their friends and enemies at the dog park) tore their way through a half dozen "frisbees" of different manufacture. Ziscs seem to last us, on average, about three or four months (while other "frisbees" lasted only days or weeks). And we put them through hell with gnawing and tug-of-war, so "normal" use should extend the lifetime to years. Highly recommended for "frisbee"-loving dogs.

# 2 in a year
By: joe donaldson - indiana Jul 22, 2009
I have two yellow labs, and was lucky to see the new toys we get them the next day. they both love the zisk and they have lasted ten times longer than any other other frisbee or play toy we have gotten them. thanks for the GREAT products, and we look forward to buying them some of your other products.

Awesome Dog Frisbee!
By: Karen Lucchesi - Campbell, CA Jun 15, 2009
This flying disc is BY FAR the best frisbee that my dog has ever had!!! We have a very active cattle dog and he plays with this zogoflex disc more than his tennis balls! Hours and hours of fun and extremely durable! Thanks for making a great product!!

has outlasted the rest
By: Anonymous - flagstaff, az Jun 15, 2009
just have to say love this frisbee. our dog loves flying discs of any kind but she destroys them in minutes. we have had this frisbee for 4 years now and it keeps on going. yea, it got a tiny hole in it but compared to the other discs that have holes everywhere and we end up tossing out because they don't fly anymore. Love this product, love the zogoflex!

A hole in one
By: Sara Miller - Colorado Springs, Colorado Jun 02, 2009
At first the Zogoflex frisbee was the best toy I had ever seen. My 1 1/2 year old Golden Retriever loved it, but once she punctured a hole in the middle, that was the end of it. She was able to bend it in half in her mouth and the rest was history.

Zisc Frisbees
By: Kristen-Rottie Mommy - Gretna, NE May 29, 2009
This is by far the best frisbee I have purchased. My rottweilers have torn up every other product I have purchased and we are going on week 3 and they are almost in perfect shape. I love the fact that they are eco-friendly, but most importantly, my dogs are able to enjoy playing catch again and are not destroying the product in less than a 1/2 hour time frame. Thanks so much for this wonderful product!
100% Satisfied and will be a return customer for other products

Great Product
By: Brian - Charlotte, NC May 11, 2009
Great product, worth the money. I tried the cheaper petsmart discs and than upgraded to the Kong disc. The Kong lasted for about a month then ripped. The first West Paw Zisc lasted for double that. My boxer goes to the dog park 3-4 times a week and the Zisc always goes with us. I did have to return the first one when it finally ripped but it was an easy exchange and the second Zisc is holding up great. Even if this one rips I will buy another, they are that great. I tell as many people possible about this product. 100% satisfied customer.

Excellent Frisbee!
By: Donna - Pennsylvania Apr 30, 2009
Best frisbee I have found for my yellow lab. He loves to run and catch these. With two dogs tugging at them, they have lasted nearly two years. The first one I purchased just ripped, so they are not indestructable as they claim. I have been looking for replacements and came across a similar Kong version, but my dog doesn't like it. I am glad I found the website to order more!

fantastic frisbee
By: Jess - Nova Scotia Mar 20, 2009
This frisbee is the best frisbee we've come across so frisbee obsessed border collie mix loves it, and while he has managed to put small holes in it out of regular wear and tear, it's a fantastic product. It flies great - he catches it almost everytime...and when he doesn't catch it, it's generally my fault! Advice: certain toys should not be left with dogs all the time, and used only when going to the park, lake, etc. The Zisc is that kind of toy, and will last longer if only used as an outdoor toy, not as a chew toy!! we'll keep buying this product!!

Zisc is ze best by far!
By: Chuck Peters - Wenatchee, WA Mar 19, 2009
My "blue lab" Rocky (blue heeler and black lab mix) finally was able to put a small tear in the Zisc, but only after 6 months of playing with it (hard- for over an hour a day), sleeping with it, gnawing on it, and general abuse that limited all other frisbees' life spans to mere days or hours. We play fetch by the river's edge every day while I get my walk in, and he goes swimming even in winter, wades out to get a drink, keeping one eye on his Zisc the entire time. Even the red cloth frisbees don't stay on the surface once they are water-logged, and they turn to ice in the cold weather. The Zisc does get a bit slimy (okay, a lot slimy) more quickly than some toys, but I figured out that a glove with textured palms (like a gardening glove or "monkey grip" glove) will allow me to keep control, plus keep my hand clean and warm for dozens, even hundreds, of throws! When Rocky tires of fetch (not often) he likes to tug-o-war for variety, and if I'm feeling loose and strong, I can pick him up off the ground and spin him around (all 90 pounds, ughh!) until we both collapse from dizziness and exhaustion. He was doing the same thing to his favorite girlfriend, Echo (a smaller lab mix), yesterday when I noticed the small tear. Those two will latch onto the Zisc and take turns dragging each other around, not letting it loose for 20 to 30 minutes sometimes. Then they fight over who gets to use it as a pillow while they catch a power nap! Of course the Zisc is heavier than the average frisbee, so I've learned to alter my throwing technique so that I can keep throwing every day without pain (mainly a longer sweep of the arm, without so much snap of the wrist and elbow) and can get pretty good distance and accuracy, no matter what the wind conditions. Rocky and Echo don't have any trouble catching the disc in their mouth, and I believe the Zisc needs the higher than average side wall to create enough of an air pocket to hold it aloft, since it is heavier. I'll order a couple more Ziscs now, and use the torn one for a back-up in case of emergency! Thanks for a grrrrrrreat product!

My German Shepherd loves it
By: Michael - NY Mar 13, 2009
My wife purchased one while on vacation in Florida last October. I never thought it would last a week. We now have had it for 5 months. Our German Shepherd loves it. She cannot go outside without it. Although she folds it in half like a taco and chews it, it still retains its shape and ability to fly. We are so glad to find a site to get another. Its a long drive to Florida to keep our dog happy.

Slippery and heavy
By: Heather E - Seattle, WA Mar 06, 2009
I'm constantly looking for a soft Frisbee that won’t tear up my hands as I throw about 100 times a day for my disc obsessed Border Collie. The Zisc is far better priced than the floppy cloth ones I keep losing, so I thought we’d give it a try. And having lived in Bozeman previously, I love to support the Montana economy. We’re not totally displeased with it, but it is a little heavy (which probably adds to the durability for those who need it) and VERY slippery when slobbery. Good for casual playing, though.

Taco-flex Zisc
By: Gary Hill - Linden, TN Feb 26, 2009
The Zisc truly is the best frizbee for my chocolate lab Amber. She loves to retrieve anything, sticks, walnuts, rocks, but the Zisc is her favorite. She loves to bite the center and carry it back to me like a taco, perhaps that is why the center gave out on the first one. She loves to violently shake and spin it and after the center pulled out it finally ripped the outer ring and no longer flew. We bought the first one Sept 2007, and West Paw was quick to honor their one-time guarantee with a new one. After several months, the new one is showing signs of love, a puncture and a slit in the center, but still provides hours of joy for Amber. Unfortunately for me, I have been diagnosesd with frizbee elbow and have to be more careful about throwing sticks and frizbees, the Zisc is great because it goes farther than other frizbees which means more exercise with less throwing. (But i need to keep it off the barn roof)

By: Lindsay - Oregon Feb 13, 2009
Finally a frisbee my Blue Heeler does not destroy. I've spent hundreds of dollars on frisbees because they provide her with plenty of exercise. As soon as they break down she wants to rip and tear. I bought the zisc 3 months ago and she lost it under an uprooted tree last weekend. As I was cutting rounds off the tree the stump suddenly stood upright. Zowie let me know with her barking that the frisbee was under the stump but too late to save it. Fortunately REI was able to get me a couple more.

Alfred love's it
By: Céline and Alfred - Terrebonne, Canada Feb 12, 2009
I have a Labrador mix with a Golden and he's a fetching machine...In québec we don't have much choice for rubber throwing discs except for the Kong and they are mostly discontinued. They are really heavy to throw and not tough enough (I need to by one every 2 month or so) When I found the Zisc we were so happy and it's so much can throw it further without breaking your arm because it's really light, and it flies straight, Alfred (my dog) loves the texture, and it's really good on the snow because it floats...we love it (I even bought a hurley stick and that too is amazing) and the best's eco-friendly

By: Sandi - illinois Feb 04, 2009
Our Lab Jet destroys everything! Well, okay, he hasn’t destroyed the Kong we bought but that’s because he doesn’t really like it. He loves, adores, worships his Zisc! And although he has really, really tried, he CANNOT even put a dent in it. Not only is it Jet-proof, it is everything else proof, too. We bought it for him when he was about three months old (he’s nearly 2 now) and it has been outside ever since, surviving the hot Midwest sun and deep-freeze winters. It was once lost in the snow for about a week before Jet rediscovered it. It stays flexible even at sub-zero temperatures. We play tug of war, fetch, and “keep-away” with this matchless toy. He puts his considerable jaw into it, chewing away with great determination. But the Zisc comes back for more, and doesn’t show the slightest sign of wear and tear! And on top of all that, you use sustainable and/or non-toxic materials for your products. Ya gotta wonder about some of the stuff other dog products are made of.

she hasn't destroyed it!
By: Courtney Reynolds - Greenwood, SC Jan 17, 2009
I bought this for my destructive 4 year old shi-tzu/cockapoo mix, and its great! I used to buy her cheap stuffed toys and she would have the stuffing out in less than an hour. So I saw an ad for westpawdesign in a magazine and gave it a try. At first she didn't really play with them for a couple days, I guess because it is different material. But she finally figured out they were toys and now she loves them. I've even watched her try to chew them to pieces, without success! I bought her the zisc and the hurley, and she likes the zisc the most. I also like that if they get too grungy I can stick em in the dishwasher. :)

Perfect Christmas Toy
By: Norm Eckert - Philadelphia Dec 25, 2008
We gave our 63 lb, 3 1/2 year old, Golden Doodle "Quincy", lots of stuff for Christmas. We just finished a Christmas day walk and took his New Tangerine Disc. Once started he would not stop going for it. Carried it all the way home in his mouth. Such a tough fun frisbee toy. Throws easily and lets him grab it in his mouth with more flexibility, even off the ground. Can't wait for the beach with it. Next up is trying his new Hurley.

Best toy in the world!
By: Teddy Bear - Stow, MA Dec 22, 2008
This is the first frisbee toy that has survived playing with our Golden Retriever mix Teddy. He absolutely loves this toy, and walks around with it hanging out of his mouth, hoping we'll take him out to play. Teddy likes his frisbees "taco-style", and this is is the first disc that's survived. (6 months and going strong)
Some previous "indestructible" toys held up well until winter, when they became brittle. Zisc not only stayed flexible, but it self-washes in the snow, and now looks brand new again.
Thanks for building a toy that lasts!

Best Frisbee ever!
By: - Wisconsin Dec 19, 2008
My chocolate Lab, Java, will puncture a plastic Frisbee on the first retrieve, and destroy it in a single throw session. After 15 months of throwing sessions, the Zisc is no longer in service, but only because it got lost in the yard by throwing in the dark. Unlike the the other Zogoflex toys, he does need to be supervised with this, as the center can be punctured or torn. This is not a design flaw, but a result of needing to make the disc so it actually flies without breaking your arm throwing it!

Highly Recommended
By: Melissa Hepner - maryland Dec 12, 2008
I got this for my dad's dog, Casey. Was unsure what to expect. I'm surprised to see some bad reviews because Casey is a young, very tough chewer and she has now had her zisc for about 8 months, and besides a few non-harmful scratches and some doggy slobber, it's in perfect condition! Frisbees I've gotten her in the past were hard plastic and caused her mouth to bleed or she chewed to pieces in a matter of seconds. She carries this in and out of the house herself. She loves it and it's one of her favorite toys. I'm here to see what else I can get her similar to the zisc for christmas. I would recommend it 110 percent. And I'm not one to usually take the time to leave reviews

lasts ages
By: Karen - Australia Dec 09, 2008
Bought one on a holiday to the US in March. Still in great conditions and is used nearly every day by my Kelpie. They love it as is gentle on their mouth, and nice and easy to throw long distance. Will be buying another one on our next trip.

Lasts better than most
By: - Dec 06, 2008
These are my flying disc of choice. I have a very energetic high drive Aussie, and while they don't last forever, they generally last three to six months. If I could keep her from trying to "kill" it before she hands it back to me it would probably last even longer. Most other discs last less than a month (a few less than a play session) so these discs have been very cost effective.

By: Lori - Ft. Wright, KY Dec 05, 2008
We purchased two other zogo products and our two labs loved them and could not destroy them.
However, this frisbee met the same fate as most every other toy we have ever purchased: destroyed within minutes. They are aggressive chewers, though. It is very thin (so that it can fly), but that allowed them to puncture and tear it very quickly. I wished I would have remembered that we could return it.
We'll still continue buying the other zogo products though!

Zisc lasted 3 days
By: Christine - Merrimac, MA Nov 22, 2008
Our Aussie is a frisbee addict and so we were thrilled to find this disc--you can huck it far, it's soft on her mouth, and she LOVES it. Unforunately, she bit a whole right through the middle within three days and in a week the ENTIRE middle of the frisbee is gone.
Not much left for the company to recycle into a new disc--but I'll send it back anyway for my new one :)

This is a great product
By: jrevesz - Centennial, CO Sep 29, 2008
I purchased this flying disc approx 4 months ago. At the time, our 6 month Border Collie had been chewing through almost a frisbee a day. We tried floppy discs, hard discs, and discs made specifically for dogs. Every disc was chewed up quickly. This disc is awesome. It is by far our dogs favorite toy and except for a minor puncture the disc is still in good condition. I suggest the orange color due to dogs eyesite is best at seeing. On a side note - Parker (Border Collie) can fold it in his mouth so it looks like giant lips as he runs around the yard and has been very adept at catching and can catch like a NFL wide receiver being able to catch over his shoulder - Touch Down!

By: rick klaumenzer - pa Sep 29, 2008
Great floating disc. Not indestructable. My borders love frisbee,this one lasted about 6 months.

By: Carol - Overland Park, KS Sep 26, 2008
We, especially Lily our Lab, love this product!!! The flexibility of it insures that we don't have any damage to her gums when she catches it. We do pick it up after she plays with it to insure an extra long life of the toy. It is not meant to replace the nice chew toys available. We have looked for other brands of flying discs, but NONE compare to the Zogoflex. Even Lily knows the difference between the Zogoflex and other discs! She ALWAYS wants her Zogo. I hope that you always make them!

My Dog's Favorite Toy
By: Laura - Austin, TX Sep 10, 2008
My border collie Lizzie absolutely loves her frisbee. We adopted her recently and the frisbee came with her. I personally like it b/c it's easier to throw than a regular frisbee - making it easier for Lizzie to catch it in her mouth. She loves this thing and guards it with her life at the dog park. She has even learned to paw at it a certain way to get it to stand up so she can grab it with her mouth and give it to me in my hand.
We'll definitely be order more b/c heaven forbid we lose it or tear it! It would be like the scene out of Best in Show... "WHERE'S BUSY BEE!!!???" :)

By: - Hoffman Estates, IL Aug 05, 2008
My dog Bosco tore out the middle of the frisbee in fifteen minutes flat. He's definitely an aggresive chewer though and tends to bit through most things pretty quick. Will send in for a new one and see if it does better. One a brighter note, the ball is still going strong. Bear thinks it's Awesome!!!!
By: Chris Stetler - Douglassville Pa Jul 12, 2008
This is an awesome toy. I have a very active German Shepard named Bear. He has destroyed every other toy. His favorite game is catching the frisbee and well when he got this one he was to excited. He lives for this toy. I love it too since it is very durable. If you are thinking about getting this one do not hesitate it is worth it..... Love the product...

Amazing Durable Disc
By: Aaron Buckner - Traverse City, MI Jul 03, 2008
I found Zisc online while searching for something that my one-year-old Red Healer wouldn't destroy on the first day. Murray tore through the Kong disc on the first day! I am proud to say that I bought two Ziscs on June 6, 2008 and one month later neither one has a single tooth-mark in it. It is truly an Australian Cattle Dog friendly toy!

I love my Zisc!
By: Freckles Frampton (the dog) - Spokane, WA Apr 24, 2008
My human bought me the zogoflex zisc this spring and I love it! It floats really far when she throws it for me. Somehow I've not been able to eat it or destroy it either. I hope I get more toys like this!

Awesome Product!
By: Amanda V - Spokane, WA Apr 24, 2008
I found this product at a local outdoor specialty store. My dog loves to play frisbee/fetch but manages to destroy a standard plastic frisbee in no time flat (usually within a day). This disk is rubbery and has survived my dog for over a month now with no tears or teeth holes at all! It is well worth the investment and I am looking at buying more for gifts for my friends dogs. I highly recommend this product!!!

Zogoflex is a hit
By: Lynda - Minnesota Apr 04, 2008
I bought a zogoflex toy for a friend's dog who is a horrible chewer. It was eventually destroyed, but lasted longer than most, so her family ended up ordering a Zisc for her. They bring it to our neighborhood dog park all the time and it lasts through hours of throw/chase/tug. After seeing the fun I bought one for my dog, and it is the only toy that I let her keep outside all winter in our extreme weather - it is still pliable, in one piece, and is daily burried and dug up from the snow banks.

First Frisbee my Dog Caught
By: Darisse - Charlotte, NC Mar 17, 2008
We have bought many frisbees in Taco's lifetime, but this was the first he ever caught in the air. Usually our pit bull/lab mix only goes for tennis balls, but he really loved this frisbee. Unfortunately, he just ripped it up BUT it lasted longer than any of the others we bought. This frisbee takes a lot of abuse before it finally submits. Worth the money for the enjoyment you and your dog will get out of it.

better than most!
By: - guelph Feb 21, 2008
Our 1 year old yellow lab got through the middle pretty quick. If the middle was as strong as the rim I think it would last a lot longer.

By: Robin - Healdsbur Feb 08, 2008
I just bought the second Zisc for my Boston Terriers. One of the few toys that my female continues to chase - catch & return for as long as I will throw. She did finally tear it after many months. I just found out I can return "one" for replacement when she destroys the current Zisc. I have to search & test "indestructible" toys but most of them are torn up in a few months. Thanks!

By: - lancaster, pa Jan 30, 2008
My son has a 2 year old choc lab that LOVES to chew. He loves to play frisbee but usually destroys one in a short time. i bought him one of these and it lasted for a few weeks before it got made a slit in the center area of it. After that he could just pull it apart in no time. I was somewhat disappointed. I thought it would be much stronger and last longer than it did.

By: - Chesapeake City Maryland Nov 21, 2007
This toy is the best, my dog has had it over a year now and still holding up great!!! A few little rips along the edges but thats after a year of daily use.

Logan tested, Logan approved
By: Paul Jenkins - Lansing, MI Oct 29, 2007
I have a 3 year old chocolate lab named Logan who loves playing catch with a frisbee. The Zisc has become his favorite water retrieving toy. It's very durable, soft on his mouth and teeth, and easy to throw. I often have other dog owners asking where I got such a great frisbee!

NOT indestructible!
By: Bev Trittin - Christine, ND Oct 18, 2007
This is a great frisbee and it is my German Shepherd's favorite toy (besides rocks). I purchased the frisbee this summer along with the Zogoflex bone toy. He has ripped a hole in the frisbee, but we still play with it. Unfortunately, this is not an indestructible toy.

The B-E-S-T Frisbee I have come across EVER!!!
By: - Jul 02, 2007
I have finally found the perfect frisbee for my Boxer, Austin!!! He's not only an aggressive chewer, but loves playing chase with my other boxer. They constantly play tug-of-war with this frisbee and it has yet to be destroyed! Every other brand, style, fabric has fallen to pieces, but this one is super durable and easy on his mouth, since he loves fetching both on land and water! I love it and have bought 3 at our local dog wash store, in case I lose one!

dog still demolished it...
By: - Apr 19, 2007
I was really hoping that my dog would NOT be able to demolish this toy. She's a big chewer, and this one held up longer than others. But once she got a rip in it, she no longer wanted to fetch it, she just wanted to chew it. I guess it turned into a chew toy instead of a frisbee.

By: - Oct 09, 2006
My Golden Retreiver demolishes all of her other toys instantly. She goes outside with this and rips into it and it withstands all of her efforts to rip it in half! I wish you could see a video!

World's Best Dog Frisbee!!!
By: Paul Bennett - Jun 05, 2006
Not only is this toy made of the "Dog Proof" Zogoflex which makes it indestructible, but it's gentle on my dog's mouth. Plastic frisbees end up getting sharp edges and even break, cutting my dog's gums and lips. Not this toy. Shadeaux can catch it all day long and she and the toy show no signs of harm. My black labrador is quite possibly the most determined and destructive dog in the world. This is her second toy from West Paw Design made of Zogoflex and I'll be back for more. Her first was the Hurley which is still taking her abuse.

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