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Tux® is a dog chew toy that is guaranteed durable. It's like a dog's chance to have his cake and eat it too! Tux dog chew toy is the perfect combination of a supremely stuffable / tossable dog chew / treat toy and guaranteed-tough Zogoflex®. Just like our other Zogoflex® dog toys, Tux® is pliable, bounces, nontoxic, recyclable, and buoyant. Simply stuff your dog's favorite treat into the cavity of Tux and let 'er rip. Tux is even dishwasher safe for easy cleaning! Tux® is a treat toy and was designed to withstand chewing, but still be fun - with or without a treat! Measures 6". Made in Montana, USA.

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Tux comes in three bright colors and one size. This super durable dog treat toy is fun with or without treats.
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The zogoflex toys for some dogs (breeds) may be indestructible, we have found that the zogoflex toys for our dogs are not indestructible toys but are the most durable toy that we have found while still being safe for the dogs teeth and non-toxic.Save the proof of purchase in case you need to exchange any destroyed toys for a new ones. Zogoflex® does not contain any known sources of lead, cadmium, mercury, latex, natural rubber, phthalates, hormones, Bisphenol A, or asbestos.

Dog Chew Toy Customer Reviews

By: Riah - Livermore, CA May 18, 2009
My dog is a 65lb 3 year old pitbull and is defiantly a power chewer. She has gotten through EVERY toy i have gotten her EXCEPT this one. well at least it has lasted the longest and has all major pieces still mostly in tact. While the black Kong only lasted 5 minutes, this toy has been in her mouth for the past 5 months. She got through the bone version quickest then the ball while this version still stands. Highly recommended if your dog is a power chewer.

A Pit Bull's New Love
By: - Phoenix, AZ Jan 04, 2011
This toy was given to our three-year-old Pit Bull, and it instantly became his favorite. After he had removed all the peanut butter we had stuffed it with, he chewed one of the nubs for ten hours straight, until he finally severed it from the rest of the Tux. While the toy is non-toxic, the large size of the piece would may have been an issue had it been swallowed whole. Luckily, he was merely proud of himself, and presented the piece to be promptly placed in the recycle bin. It has been four days so far, and he is completely content with the Tux. He chews it for 10-12 hours a day, and does a bee-line for it the moment he comes in the house. It is by far the most durable toy we've purchased, and the thoughtful efforts of West Paw make us wish to continue to support this company in the future.

Best toy ever!
By: Heather - Raleigh, NC Mar 27, 2009
Our 1 year old pitbull mix is notorious for destroying every toy in a matter of minutes. I brought her the Tux yesterday and she has played with it non-stop and there is not a scratch or dent in it! We filled it with treats, played fetch, and she has chewed on it for hours! What a great toy!!

The Only Chew Toy to Survive Maya & Frida's Jaws!
By: - Scottsdale, Arizona Mar 02, 2011
We have a 4 year old wire-haired Dachshund (Frida) and a 2 1/2 year old Pit Bull Terrier (Maya). Frida and Maya have destroyed, within an hour or two in most cases, every chew toy we have purchased. Even the Kong Extreme couldn't survive Frida's chewing. We have returned items to our local pet shop and the sales people just shake their heads in shock when they see the damage done by little Frida. Well, Frida and Maya have met their match in the Tux. We purchased two of these and had little hope they would survive our dynamic duo. Frida and Maya have had this toy now for 3 weeks, and except for surface scratches, the Tux has been practically invincible. (I am shocked that another reviewer's dog was able to chew off a piece of the Tux because if Maya and Frida couldn't do it, I didn't think any dog could.) Anyway, Frida and Maya just love the Tux. They play with it and chew it endlessly, and particularly love it when the inside is filled with yogurt and frozen. Yummy! The Tux gets our highest rating and we will now purchase other products in this line.

Have an agressive chewer? This is the product you want!
By: Beverly - Dec 02, 2009
I originally tried the Hurley dog toy, which my 6mth old pitbull puppy loved, but started to visibly destroy in about a day. West Paw exchanged the toy for the Tux, and I am delighted to say that this toy has been a savior! It is not only more durable then the Kong, but is eco-friendly and constantly keeps my puppy occupied!

Excellent toy!
By: Rachel - Champaign, IL Jan 14, 2009
My one-year-old Pit Bull/Weimaraner mix destroys every toy that deems itself "indestructible" with her jaws of steel, yet gets very bored with products that last (like Nylabones). I spent a few days researching toys online and came across the Tux (and Huck) and took a gamble since it had good reviews and a guarantee. My dog LOVES this toy when I fill it with chunky peanut butter! It keeps her busy for an hour. With her best wolf-like effort, she's put a few small dents and scratches in it, but it's still completely intact. I can't believe it! Plus, she loves to play with it! I'd highly recommend this toy (and the other Zogoflex toys). Thanks--I'm a permanent customer!

2 years and still like new
By: Emily S. - New Jersey Jan 16, 2009
My dog's hux was a total impulse buy, and I had no expectations whatsoever other than the surety that it wouldn't last a week. I SWEAR, my 85-lb boxer-labrador-pittbull mix is a toy DESTROYER--not a single dog toy known to man had ever stood up to her jaws before. She's had this one for two years now, and has barely scratched its surface! Her favorite game is for us to hide it anywhere in the house, and then she sniffs it out. After finding it several times,she'll chew it VIGOROUSLY for up to an hour.
Two Paws up for Tux!

It's a miracle!
By: - Nebraska Oct 10, 2010
I have never before reviewed a product, but given how long my pup's Tux has lasted, I feel obligated to do so. He's had it about two weeks now, which may not seem like long, but for my 3 year old Belgian Malinois and his jaws of toy death, it's a miracle! My dog is the type of chewer that many get rid addition to many other destroyed belongings, he ate through 5 dog crates and he tore the flooring out of my entryway, starting in the middle and working his way out. So, when I say he's a tough chewer, I mean he's a TOUGH chewer. Typical chew toy life around our place (with just the one dog) is about 10 minutes to 1 day. His Extreme Kong Bone was in about 20 pieces before I even had the groceries unpacked after bringing it home. If a chew toy happens to last longer than that, it's because it is so large he's taking it apart chunk by chunk. Even the very hard plastic bones get whittled away in no time. I have NEVER had a toy that lasted in its ORIGINAL shape, until the Tux. My dog's Tux is still in the same shape it was in two weeks ago when he got it, and I never take it away from him. He has carried that little blue toy around with him all over every day since. He chases it, bounces it, and lays down and power gnaws on it...and it only has a few teeth marks!

Best Toy Ever!
By: - College Station, TX Nov 12, 2010
Received this as a "welcome" gift for our then 3 month old German Shepherd. For 2 years this was the gift that kept on giving. Our dog chewed on this thing all the time and only in the past month or so has it shown any sort of damage. It throws well (and bounces all over the place when it lands) and is a great toy for chewers. Have not tried it in the water yet (we don't want to lose it!).
Great buy for your dog!

Two Paws up for Tux!
By: Joanne Fraser - West Coast Canine Life, Victoria, BC Jun 05, 2008
Last week I purchased two Tux toys for my two Golden Retrievers. In 32 years of having Goldens I have been through ALL the toys, and by far this is the one that has kept them busiest the longest. Other brands are very difficult to clean and can be frustrating for the dog to actually get the treats. The tux is easy to fill with cookies, peanut butter or cheese, challenging but fun to “unstuff” and a snap for me to clean. No more having to soak out “dead moldy cookies”! I will be recommending this product to my customers, and my homemade treats will be stuffed inside of the Tux from now on!
Two paws up!
Joanne Fraser
West Coast Canine Life Ltd.
Victoria, BC

By: B Dickerson - Charlotte, NC Mar 27, 2009
My 5 year old, 70 lb chocolate lab is a destroyer of every chew treat item. She breaks off chunks of the real hard products that are billed as indestructible. The Tux and Hurley have lasted 4 months before a knob was chewed off. She has never chewed any household items due to the abundance of chew toys provided. Finally we found these products at Reining Cats and Dogs in Waxhaw, NC. We can now safely use up some lab energy and muscle. My King Charles Spaniel has her own Hurley and loves it.

Passed the kill test!
By: A&W - missouri Oct 19, 2009
I bought the Tux at my local pet store with skepticism. I had been recomended another brand previously and told it was THE toughest(I think it was made out out tire material)that it stood up to this person's pit bull mix with flying colors. My labrador destroyed the other brand in one day. I am happy to say the the Tux has lasted over a year and I fill it with peanut butter and freeze them for my dog to enjoy. She loves it and so do I! Fantastic product, thanks West Paw!

Passed the Mastiff test!
By: Brandi - Albuquerque, NM May 14, 2008
It's nearly impossible to find chew toys that my English Mastiff can't destroy in 30 minutes or less. So far, the TUX has not only held up to his chewing, but he loves it! We've stuffed it with all sorts of goodies and he keeps bringing it to me to refill. Our little dachshund/yorkie mix keeps trying to take it away- looks like we need to buy another one!
Great job on this product, thanks from the owner of a really big chewer!

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