Pit Bull Kennels
P.O. Box 133
Stevensville, Mt. 59870
lap dog Laptop Dog
pit pup looking up Very Young, But an Intense Focus on His Masters Voice
Play time pit Play Time
red dog on roof Red Dog Climbed On Top of The Roof
PitBull and Cat Socializing Red Nose PitBull and Cat, Socializing
Buddies Red Nose PitBull Buddies
"Pride" with a 42" Verticle with 20lbs of Chain "Pride" A Red Nose, Does a 42" Vertical Jump with 20lbs of Chain
"Warbaby" (Onyx) Warbaby Onyx, Approaching Ramming Speed
PitBull in a Tree PitBull "Annie, the Anvil" in a Tree
Red Nose PitBull at the River Swimming with the Kids Red Nose Swimming at The River with the Kids
PitBull Pups Sleeping Puppies Sleeping
Loves the Hugs Loves The Hugs